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Abby Speaks

Abby Speaks


Abby Speaks is a singer/ songwriter out of San Diego, California. Born to Nigerian parents, she spent her first 13 years living in Nigeria before relocating to the United States where she has since lived and created a life for herself as a nurse practitioner and CEO of a body-positive clothing brand, Bod By Nature Apparel. Music has always been a driving force for Abby Speaks but becoming a singer/ songwriter is almost surreal.

“I’ve always been drawn to music starting as a little girl who loves God and gospel music. It was my way of maintaining a spiritual connection because music speaks to me in ways that nothing else does. Singing and vibing to music has always been my outlet but never for a moment did the thought of writing and recording music cross my mind until now. Literally, out of the blue I started composing and the rest is history.” Says Abby.

Abby’s musical influence comes from artists such as Whitney Houston, Brandy and various Afrobeats, r&b and gospel music.

Abby has featured on a couple of tracks in the recent years. She believes in boundless musical expressions drawn from life experiences.

From Abby Speaks you can expect music of various genres, from soul to r&b to gospel to rap.

Her debut single “If you don’t love me” is set to be released on 10/30/2020.


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