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Bealby Point

Bealby Point


Bealby Point is like a cross between The Strokes and Eagles with a splash of Bahamas…on the rocks, no ice.

Not unlike a gang of pesky neighbourhood kids from a Stephen King novel, Bealby Point spent their roaming youth sneaking out to parties, riding bikes, and exploring the night in the sprawling suburbs of Deep Cove, a coastal neighbourhood of North Vancouver, which also serves as a major inspiration to their songwriting, atmosphere and energy.

Looking to the future through the lens of the past, the boys have consumed the better part of the last two years striving toward a collective goal: capturing the most cherished memory of your favourite summer and turning it into the perfect sound.

Watch for Bealby Point in 2021 as the ramp up for the release of their newly recorded EP, featuring singles, “Talk To Me” and “I’m So Bummed Out Right Now” recorded with veteran producer Matt Di Pomponio at the Juno award-winning studio, Echoplant Sound.



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