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Manchester’s latest and loudest rock trio combines the rough streets of wigan with the cold brittle Norwegian weather infused with the lovely Harrogate springs. True to their word, Dalmas are loud, raw and own their unique sound, making them stand out in their genre. With a never ending fascination for large soundscapes, catchy melodies and heavy instrumentation, Dalmas are bound to provoke interest for any rock lover. With diverse influences from ‘Nothing but thieves’, ‘Foo Fighters’, ‘Royal Blood’ and more, the band have made a unique sound for themselves by attracting a new following with their first headline show in Manchester being sold out. Building from their latest releases ‘You say’ and ‘Prevail’, Dalmas are raising the bar with an exciting new single ‘jhm’ consisting of catchy melodies, hard hitting guitars and bass which will captivate any rock lover.




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