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Dead Rituals

Dead Rituals


Dead Rituals is a band founded by Andrea Caccese. This new project stems from a flurry of sessions recorded in New York City, Melbourne, and Naples, amidst significant life changes and a few years of constant traveling, touring, and playing with bands.

The bustle of downtown Manhattan. A remote beach town on the Pacific coast. Historic alleys and hidden pathways in the heart of the Italian South. Each place affected the songs, and each track explores different ideas, held together by the personal lyrics.

The four songs on Dead Rituals’ debut EP capture the immediacy of punk and alternative music. They also incorporate the textures shoegaze. “Run” combines punk-pop with throwback influences, like Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound or The Cure’s glossy new-wave hooks. Lead single “Closer” is a jangly indie tune, with anthemic hooks and intimate vocals. “Melbourne” channels the grit of punk rock, with gothic atmospheres, setting a darker mood. The closing track “Enough” juxtaposes experimental sounds with melodic vocal lines and uplifting hooks.


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