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New Producer, Nefete Brown, better known as Dxminant, produces not only Dancehall, but also, Reggae, Afro Beat and Trap Music.  His sound is eccentric, fresh and irreverent – unorthodox. It is becoming a clear upset to the Dancehall ecosystem, disobeying unspoken rules. His beats demand attention and has secured a loyal, cult-like following.

Even though his father was a mixing engineer, he never thought he would end up doing music too.

“I would always be amazed whenever I heard a song on the radio; always trying to dissect the instruments I hear,  figuring out how they came together. “ Dxminant hears music differently from others.
He started making beats at 14 years old for fun which even led to him playing at parties as the DJ. He was great at being a DJ but somehow always felt uncomfortable being in the spotlight every night as he is a very reserved person.

Eventually, he left the DJ life and continued to make beats at my home.  Patrons and artistes alike began to hear his sound and he developed a grassroots following in his hometown, Portmore. In 2008, Dxminant  produced his first track, called “Mona Lisa” by Jay Krome who is also apart of his label Unorthodox Konecshan Records. Since then he produced multiple singles and albums for various artists, and has acted as ghost producer on several well-known tracks.


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