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Hybrid Blues

Hybrid Blues


From “The Land of the Long White Cloud” Aotearoa (New Zealand) Hybrid Blues are a 4-piece band featuring Mike Everand (guitar), Adam Pendred (bass), Mark Schaumann (drums) and fronted by award winning singer-songwriter Roy Hudson (Loose Moorings, Koru). Born in Whakatane (Ngati awa Tribe) and raised in Tauranga, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Roy was the lead singer/song writer for former UK Metal Band, Koru & UK Blues/Classic Rock Originals Band Loose Moorings, releasing several albums during his 30 year stay in the United Kingdom.

Hudson’s songwriting awards include Best Latin American song “Left in Limbo” and 4th with his song “Enough” in Worldwide Song Competition for “Best Ballad. ”
Hybrid Blues Formed upon Hudson’s return to New Zealand and the band wrapped up their self-titled studio album with Tauranga-based musician/producer Tim Julian this Sept., which contains tracks influenced by genres as diverse as country, blues, rock, folk, stoner, and so much more. Imagine the depth of Pink Floyd, mixed with the visceral authenticity of Jimi Hendrix and the groovy charisma of Quincy Jones and maybe you can get close to understanding the vision and formula that is found at the heart of Hybrid Blues’ music, a genre that can only be described as… “Hybrid Blues”.




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