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Inquire Within

Inquire Within


“Inquire Within” is the solo music project of Seattle area singer/ songwriter, Brett Larsen. Creating a range of Cinematic sounding music with influences coming from Rock, Death Metal, Modern Indie and more. For the 2017 debut album, “Universe In My Head”; Brett partnered with 16 musicians from 9 different countries; including MEGADETH’s drummer, Dirk Verbeuren.

Prior to the debut album “Inquire Within” became a sponsor of Reforestation Charity “Trees For The Future”; so that a portion of all streams/ sales contribute towards reforestation efforts. In 2020, Brett released his first fully solo “Inquire Within” album, “Meditation For The Devil”. A 7 song Acoustic Rock album full written, recorded and produced by himself. After the release of “Meditation For The Devil” about 12,000 trees have been planted with Inquire Within’s strange and alien take on music.




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