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I’ve been making hip-hop music for about 10+ years & been grinding ever since putting my blood, sweat & tears into my craft. I focus on the game & making great music for my fans & supporters and making sure they receive great quality!

I started out in a small group in Queens NY! It didn’t work out so I went solo and I have been doing the independent thing since I sat down with a few labels over the years but I decided to stay independent. My older cousin “Roderick “Dolla” Burton” got me into rapping and influenced me to go harder and to always give it my all, along side my other older cousins “Will “Scrapp Deleon” Robinson and “Lyndon “Sas” Smith”. I have my first official album called “Everything Comes With a Price” dropping on my birthday December 19th 2020 at 3am nationwide releasing on all platforms! It’s been a very hard process but its finally here! I just want my fans to hear the real me & for them to know I’m keeping hip hop alive no matter what it takes!

Birth Place: Bronx, NY
Residence: New York City, US, USA
Occupation: Rapper, CEO/Founder
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B
Labels: Graben Cash Entertainment Inc.





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