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Keno is a 17 year old artist born in Des Moines, Iowa. He’s been working hard to get himself out there. With two and a half years of creating, he’s done nothing but make progress. His melodic vocals and engaging instrumentals give listeners a reason to keep coming back. Being a 17 year old kid still in high school, he’s had his fair share of struggles trying to balance work, school, relationships, and music. However, he uses music as an outlet, and wants others to feel understood with his music.

With his earlier releases back in 2020, he had a very emotional sound. As he’s progressed and grown as an artist, he hasn’t been afraid to experiment. With emotional songs like, “wtf are we doing here?” He uses his vocal range and lyricism to catch the listeners attention. However, he’s also experimented with a more hyperpop sound, with his song “WAY2Hii” being on track to become one of his biggest songs. Being only 17, Keno has a lot of time to grow and it’s something you don’t want to miss.



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