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KRANTZ is a pianist, producer, composer, songwriter and beatboxer from Bristol. His passion for writing/ composing various musical genres has led to his music being used on a variety of TV programmes- BT and SKY Sports, Panorama, The One Show, Horizon, CNN, Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Love Island to name but a few. His ability to compose different genres of music has also led to a variety of compositional work for BBC Nature’s Weirdest, BBC Microworlds, Just Eat and Greggs, KIA, Rentokil, Universal and 29 short films for the state of Montana.

After discovering Acid Jazz at the age of 12 and teaching himself to play Jazz and Funk on the piano, he found a love for emotive classical music after hearing Samuel Barber’s ‘Adagio For Strings’. When he began composing on the piano he started beatboxing to give each piece it’s character/ genre and this ability to beatbox and play piano at the same time has led to him supporting the likes of the Dub Pistols, Kosheen and performing at the world renowned Boom Town Festival on multiple occasions.

KRANTZ’s passion for many musical genres is displayed in his huge catalogue of tracks which include Classical, Post Classical, Orchestral Dubstep, Electronica, Hip Hop, Jazz, Beatbox, Funk, DnB, House, Trip Hop and World Fusion which he’s looking forward to sharing in the future.

The truth is constantly being distorted and twisted to benefit the people at the ‘top’ and to keep the status quo. It can often feel like there’s nobody truly fighting against misinformation and the manipulation of the masses. However there are people like James O’Brien, Senator Nina Turner and Gary Stevenson to name but a few, who are fighting and speaking up but they need our support to reach a wider audience and give people hope that change is possible if we fight together.

If you also believe that music can be incredibly powerful in delivering the truth, please join me in helping these good faith actors have louder and more powerful voices so that we can together build a bigger and more powerful union fighting for the many not the few.


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