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My name is Jewlius Perez, but I rather go by Jae. As for my stage name, I go by LOF Jae. Im a 18 year old artist trying to make my way to the top from Jersey City, NJ. Throughout my life I went through a lot of difficult obstacles, but instead of using it to excuse myself from things I put it into my music. My reason for that is, There’s a lot of other people that can feel my lyrics, that I would like to let know they aren’t alone in these hard times. One big event in my life that really affected me was losing my father at the age of 8. It was really hard and back then the only way I was coping was listening to music. I’ve always been big on music, but when my father passed I started switching music genres.

I started listening to r&b , emo rap, or even just people like lil wayne but I didn’t really like all the old songs I liked more of the ones that I can feel. & That’s when I knew I had love for music. Ever since I was young I was always with my headphones in bumping music, singing out loud I then got into a toxic relationship and it was alright. But that’s who ive been with since age 11 to 17. There was a lot of fights arguments but at the end of the day she was my first love & when we had to split ways I would alway try to fix it, never happened tho. It hurt, a lot, I felt as if I lost my soul, Think about it I waited for someone to love me like I loved them hoping they would change. But they didn’t. Thinking because of our history, because of how I was always there when they needed me but it was never the same in return & I speak about it a lot in my music, I know a lot of people can relate and some can’t but to those who can trust me. Whenever you feel like you’re losing yourself over someone else leave. No matter how hard it hurts leave because there’s always someone else.

My goal as an artist is not to become the most famous, not have the most money, it’s to help those who can feel my lyrics in their souls.


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