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Many Masks

Many Masks


Born in the very late 80’s, he grew up in the woods about an hour away from Montreal. Like most old enough country kids he moved into the big city for a while and then he went west and wild for a few years. No one knows what really went on over there. He left with a guitar, a few vocal ideas and came back with a great electro-organic sound and a good amount of bass.

Our DA, Jeff Moran, here at AdLitteram fell upon the music through a friend and like him we just right away loved his work. So, to be perfectly honest, we don’t know much more than you do about Joseph. You’ll think of Portishead or Alt-j, if you need references. Joseph has that special touch.

Something we call heartfelt electronic music. He works in his own studio and does everything by himself. We all wear Many Masks. One for each situation in life. Joseph seems to be most comfortable with all of them when he is left alone to create. Now the time has come to share his Many Masks with the world. Like us, once you’ll get to know him, you won’t miss when you didn’t.




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