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Ryan D. Neely

Ryan D. Neely


Ryan D. Neely is a beat making music producer from Louisville, Kentucky. Like many of today’s beatmakers, his skillset goes beyond just one genre. However, he mostly enjoys creating pop and hip hop compositions.

Neely first found an interest in music as a toddler in Nuremberg, Germany. His father Julius, a retired Army Soldier and his mother Ocie listened to the Armed Forces radio each morning while they got ready for work. The radio station played mostly top 40 hits allowing Neely to quickly grasp a feel for multiple categories of sounds. He also had an older friend who introduced him to hip hop music, culture, and breakdancing. That friend; Ken Eversely is known today as DJ K-Razor.

At the age of five, his mother enrolled him in piano lessons as she wanted to keep him out of trouble. He had a very creative mind and she did not want him to stray out of boredom. While taking piano lessons, he learned music notes, scales, and how to read music. Eventually he would write his own melodies and play them back without having to look down at the keys. This became a hobby as his mother purchased him a keyboard at the age of six. From that point on, Neely stuck with creating music as a hobby.

Music Making

As a teenager, Neely joined the middle school band where he played the trumpet for two years. By the time he reached high school in the late 1990s, rap music was one of the most popular music genres in the world. Therefore, at age 16, he made his first rap mixtape using beats from other popular singles at the time. A year later when he got his first fast food job, he purchased himself a six track sequencing keyboard and started making beats which led to the release of his first beat tape.

After graduating high school in 2000, Neely released his first professional rap album where he went by the name of M.C. Ryan calling the album Wakem’ Up. The album was only released on cassette tape and dominantly sold hand to hand, with his mother being the best salesperson. The appreciation for the song “Nailed to a Cross” lead him to consider making a full Christian rap album years later.

In 2004, Neely released a Christian rap album titled Look Into My Heart. This album was released on compact disc and once again dominantly sold hand-to-hand. However, the songs from this album opened the door for Neely to do concerts and shows. He performed at more than 30 venues as an independent artist for church groups in the United States, Kuwait, and Iraq between 2003 and 2007 and never charged for admission or to host him as an artist.

During the pandemic of 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 breakout, Neely was laid off for a short time by his employer. Though it had been 16 years since he released a professional album, he once again found inspiration in creating music. Therefore, he started working on three projects consecutively to see which one he liked best.

The first project was another solo rap album. This time around, Neely had evolved in his beat making creation abilities and studio engineering skills. He quickly drafted up multiple rap songs about having a good time, but put them to the side as he was not sure if he wanted to release them on streaming platforms. The second project was a mixtape where he served as the executive producer for an independent rapper by the name of Anuvybe (Steven Boyles). After discovering Anuvybe through a rap battle contest, the two correlated the entire project online using the BandLab app and laid down 25 songs over the course of six months. His third project was an album filled with 20 instrumentals as he was confident that he now wanted to be a music producer more than he wanted to be a rapper.

In December of 2020, Neely released all three of the projects. The first project to be released was his rap album called Rapper Turned Producer. The second project was Anuvybe’s I Do It Mixtape. The third project was called Ryan D. Neely as he self-titled the instrumental album in a manner to introduce himself to the music world as a producer. Before the album’s release, he had a music video made for the album’s lead song “Just Lay Down.”

Neely is excited about what the future can be like for him as a music producer. He resides in Louisville, Kentucky with his lovely wife Julie and their six children and three dogs. With music as a hobby, his day-to-day job revolves around him being a manufacturing supervisor. He is also a soldier in the Army Reserves where he has served for over 20 years.




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