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Stranger James is known for indie beach vibes with hints of both pop and punk. Their self proclaimed genre is Beach Punk (AKA Bunk). Formed during 2020’s COVID quarantine in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the band features the talents of Noah Degeorge (vocals and guitar), Jake Lazarski (bass), and Silas Degeorge (drums). The members met working at a local summer camp, and after 2 years began pursuing music as a band.
Stranger James’ music is inspired by some of their favorite bands, including COIN, Neighbor Susan, Dayglow, Hippo Campus and Wallows. While their inspiration is clear, Stranger James adds a unique twist with melodic guitar reminiscent of bands like The Beach Boys as well as unique lyrical patterns and rhyme schemes. Their music is an amalgamation of each member’s personal style, past experiences, and future goals.

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