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It’s 2001, Cairo Jazz Club, Egypt. An 18-year-old Karim Terouz opens his eyes, coming out of an impromptu, 32 bar falsetto plunge into the house DJ’s electro beat. He is staring back at a still and stupefied crowd as the DJ gestures from the booth‘’Keep going…do that AGAIN!”. Today, Karim is 38. He has been living in Montreal for more than 10 years…
His first single as Terouz “Outstanding” has been deemed one of the year’s best songs by California’s Rawckus magazine.

“Outstanding” is better than excellent, entering the rarified realm of superlatives. This is one of the best tracks of the year, sexy, powerful, and inspiring.” His second single, “Burn,” has received the Factor Grant making him one of the 33%Canadians nationwide to receive the Factor Artist Development grant during the first year of the pandemic.
This year, Terouz is releasing his third single, “Big Boy Games.” This would be the first time the Egyptian Canadian concept artist fully integrates his illustrations with his music.

Terouz found his sound by curating his original songs with his taste for 90s nostalgia and 70s & 80s electro-pop/rock elements while creatively utilizing his resonant and nuanced “Bowie esque” waver for both lead and backing vocal savours. His songs are carefully crafted, intimate capsules, where one is intoxicatingly swayed into contending to lead his stories of inner and outer struggles.

Photography by Felipe Collado




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