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The Sometimes Island

The Sometimes Island


The Sometimes Island is a synth pop band based in Los Angeles, known for its unforgettable live shows. Frontman Matt Blankenship Jr. is joined by drummer Nick Lopiano, guitarist Luke Bishop, and bassist Bryan Mears. The band name comes symbolically from a lake island in Austin where Matt grew up. Depending on the water level, the island is either emerging from the surface, or submerged and hidden, waiting to be reborn.

Buzznet called the Bad People EP “the future of synthpop”. Previously a one-man band, the The Sometimes Island’s full band configuration debuted at The Globe Theater in March 2019. The next series of releases began with single Phantom Limb, and the band is proud to present the debut of the music video in October.

Frontman Blankenship Jr is a prolific songwriter and producer who created 2017’s entire Bad People EP in his home studio. He’s performed with BANKS, YACHT, Fred Falke, Bob Schneider, Alien Ant Farm, and more. Veteran drummer Nick Lopiano has extensive touring experience and a background in punk rock and emo, bringing palpable energy to performances.




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