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Victor Orgaga aka VICK WAYNE of Lagos, Nigeria. This young, talented, and vibrant singer/songwriter is emerging into the music industry with the action of a true conqueror.

Reviewed by the UK and African media as one of the top emerging Afro-Pop artists of the next wave of notable talents coming out of Nigeria, the Afrobeat hub of this gene. What set Vick Wayne’s musical journey is that he also singing other genres. Thanks to his likeness of interacting with various music cultures around the globe, on social media.
As he interacts with other cultures he stumbled on to Palm Tree Productions’ Paula Rodriguez. TPT being a multi-genre record label signed on to the label out of the greater Los Angeles area. Vick Wayne’s debut song titled” GOOD LOVE”. A music video will soon follow, then a full album which is in the making. Vick Wayne, remember this name, with his grit he will be a force in his chosen field of this business of music.

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