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,,Reflection,, by Money Mike

Written by on 22 December 2022

,,Reflection,, by Money Mike In September 2021, Money Mike Sandberg released a new album titled “Reflection”. He delved into how critics perceive others on social media. Mike speaks on staying true to yourself by listening to others who have your best interest at heart. If you avoid the  distractions and “noise”, you can progress in […]

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APRICITY feat. Joey Niceforo

Written by on 30 July 2022

The Scorpions Wind Of Change by APRICITY These two incredible artists teamed up to take on a Scorpions classic that has moved people around the world, and given the song a completely new breath of life. Apricity and Niceforo’s voices come together to create a magical version of the inspirational track, produced by Thomas McKay […]

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Written by on 9 June 2022

New track “Couchsurfing” by NASTI ‘Couchsurfing’ is a summer-themed track created as a prelude to Nasti’s upcoming EP, ‘Crowd Pleaser’. Showcasing his versatility between this track and his previous two, his primary focus now is solidifying his ‘sound’, which is evident through this song. It’s an exciting summer ahead for the emerging Irish artist.   […]

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Written by on 9 May 2022

Spectra Rock Outfit SAVARRE Offers Their 2022 Track, “Scars.” Pioneer rock band SAVARRE has released their latest track, “Scars,” which is now available on all major streaming platforms. The band’s unreserved earnestness and brilliant songwriting are on show throughout the song. “Scars” is the sixth single in their discography, released via Isabeau Records. You will […]

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Darshae Kiér

Written by on 23 April 2022

Darshae Kiér Causes His Fans to Pause and Reflect With His Track, ‘Trapped.’ With his track, ‘Trapped,’ pop musician Darshae Kiér causes his listeners to pause and reflect. It is part of his 2022 EP ‘Gone.’ It tells the story of a character who is trapped between the reality of knowing that his lust, deviance, […]

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Tarah Who?

Written by on 18 April 2022

The power-packed rock duo Tarah Who? are back with their recently launched video of ‘Asian Blood’, putting some relevant questionable practices under the microscope. The latest project of the power duo Tarah Who? continues to draw attention for their honest story-telling vibes. ‘Asian Blood’ is highly influenced by the 1990s underground feminist punk movement, Riot […]

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NewsFlash: Xavier – NEW EP

Written by on 4 April 2022

“The Soul Tapes Vol.1” XAVIER The production of Xavier’s The Soul Tapes Vol.1 began during the end of 2021 with all instrumentals produced by Prod.CJG and all sogwritting done by Xavier from Newcastle Upon Tyne This is 22 yr old Xavier’s third EP following “Polaroids” 2020 summer release and with last year’s release “Lose […]

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Written by on 11 February 2021

“DAY BY DAY” This song is the beginning of her new EP coming up. It’s the most personal song she released so far and even the video the real recording day. As it was. With the excitement and everything. She believes you will find you own way to identify with the song. She wrote it […]

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NewsFlash: COY Swede & Camila Carballo

Written by on 27 January 2021

“BELIEVE IN US” The artist and producer COY Swede has just droped his 7th single its time for, Believe In Us featuring a new collab with Camila Carballo. Another Edm track with a wider Pop feeling. He wanted to show his wider side, but stil with his own sound. Its been told that Camila flew […]

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Written by on 17 December 2020

Niser’s first event album “Chronos” in 8 parts an album with ambient sounds, electro and house with the poetic inspirations of Mylène Farmer, Jean Michel Jarre and Twin Peaks.   The album contains 3 “Message” versions of the main themes with passages from poems by C.Baudelaire, A.Rimbaud and V.Hugo which will be put forward for […]

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