He is a Pop-Punk, Alternative-Rock artist based in Swansea,Wales, Great Britain. We are happy to introduce you to a talented musician –  GERGO !

[Blaster] Thank you for your time Gergo! What music did you grow up listening to?

GERGO: My first ever album was Highway To Hell, AC/DC at the age of 11. I remember listening to the cassette on my Walkman on our way to the Czech Republic for a male’s choir tournament. Once I was up to date with technology, I remember listening to this YouTube mix called Spiderman-OST with bands like Dashboard Confessional, Hoobastank, Yellowcard, Midtown and Jimmy Gnecco – man I love that mix, I still listen to it today!


[Blaster] How did you become involved in music production?

GERGO: I had my first 4 track Tascam tape recorder when I was 14. I’d been obsessed with Green Day since I was 12 which is when my family and I moved to the UK from Hungary. I’d stay up late in my room re-watching Green Day’s Bullet In A Bible live DVD trying to learn the drum parts by air drumming. I had a midi keyboard, a cheap electric guitar (which I still use with some DIY improvements to it) and I would record the drums and the bass using the midi keyboard, electric guitar and vocals. I designed an album cover with about 3-4 songs on it under the band-name ‘Bright Night’ and printed about 10 copies. I guess I found my passion at an early age which lead me to go to college, then university to study music technology whilst playing in bands as well as solo acoustic gigs.


[Blaster] How would you describe your musical style?

GERGO: I find this a hard question. I want to say punk-rock because I love the fast-paced power chords with double time drums but, I think others would argue that there is more pop in my music than punk. Pop-punk/alternative-rock is probably a safe bet!

[Blaster] Who writes your songs?

GERGO: I write everything. I’d record them all at home and send it to a recording studio to be mixed and mastered. Hopefully soon this will change as I am now practicing the songs with a band ready for live shows.


[Blaster] Is there a hidden meaning in your music?

GERGO: No real hidden meaning but, the song ‘Lessons’ on my EP ‘Still’, I mention ‘there’s nothing left to do but run along’ which is something I do every week. I find running in the woods and going to the gym therapeutic when I am battling with my demons.

[Blaster] Do you collaborate with other musicians? What is that process?

GERGO: I’ve met people in work who are also musicians, so we sometimes did acoustic gigs together. I recently sent out some Facebook messages to people I’ve known for a long time to see if they would want to learn my songs, ready for an EP launch event. They were thrilled and now some of us individually with other people from different bands collaborate to record & film some cover songs.


[Blaster] What skills have you learned that will help you in your music career?

GERGO: Learning about Youth Work (which is what my full-time job is currently) helped me a lot to understand people in general. It gave me the skills to be more patient and transparent when talking to others, collaborating, writing lyrics etc. Going to college and university has been a huge advantage as I have the technical skills to record at home.


[Blaster] Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organization?

GERGO: I don’t have a record label. I distribute my music via DistroKid.

[Blaster] Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

GERGO: Music-wise it’s definitely all the bands I mentioned above. In terms of lyrics and mood, I talk about everything that makes me vulnerable. It’s a big thing to do for me as I wouldn’t really talk to people about what bothers me until it’s too late – which is often when I write songs as it helps me to release all the tension. Authors like Ollie Ollerton, Jason Fox, Billy Billingham and Ant Middleton are people I look up to and find inspiring how positive they are which I guess I reflect in a lot of my songs.


[Blaster] What are the main topics for most of your songs? Do you think topics will change overtime?

GERGO: My main topics currently are self-improvement, battling anxiety & depression and romantic relationships. There’s no doubt the topics will change as I get older and have new experiences.


[Blaster] What are you working on right now? Did you release something in the past?

GERGO: Currently I am working on practicing the 5 songs on my upcoming EP with the boys in the band so that we can play it live. I have previously released a single about a burger joint in my town called ‘Smokin Griddle’. I was working two jobs during the pandemic in 2021-2022 and I found myself feeling angry and annoyed that I’m just ‘here driving around delivering burgers to people’. So while I was waiting for orders to come through, I’d be looking at their menu and writing lyrics using it haha! It definitely made me feel better that I stopped sulking and did something about the situation.


[Blaster] What do you feel is the best song you ever released and why?

GERGO: I think the best song I’ve ever release/or I’m about to release is ‘Still’. It’s the last song I wrote on the EP and I think it’s great because I’m evolving as a song-writer. I also love that punky vibe, the whole lyrics about being an adult but feeling like a kid, it just reminds me of actually being a kid and wanting to be able to write stuff like this but I couldn’t at the time.

[Blaster] Who are you inspired by?

GERGO: There are a lot of people who inspire me who I have already mentioned but, to add to the list, Corey Taylor is definitely another one. I love how he wanted to be a history teacher but instead he realised his potential in music and song-writing so he decided to go with what he’s good at. Also, all bands and every other solo musician or person who creates ‘something from nothing’ (can you guess the band via the quoted song title?) inspire me so much. Dave Grohl 100% inspires me, that guy never stops.


[Blaster] What would be your dream collaboration, with any musician or producer?

GERGO: GREEN DAY! Love those guys. I think we’d vibe. When you’re 12 and you love something, it is so pure. There’s nothing fake or posey about it, you just love it with a genuine and honest passion that comes from your heart. I’ll always love punk-rock and pop-punk and Green Day do it best in my opinion.


[Blaster] How do you balance your music with other obligations – school, hobby, job?

GERGO: I just do what I can do when-ever I can do it. I think there’s no secret really, people make time for what’s important for them, it’s quite simple.


[Blaster] At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?
GERGO: I’d love for people to vibe and connect with me as I much I vibe and connect with the bands I love. I am also passionate about helping people so if my lyrics and music help at least one person, I consider it a good job done.


[Blaster] Would you like to give any message to your fans?

GERGO: I’ll start with the cliché ‘thank you so much for your continuous support’ because I do really mean it. I know the people liking my videos and sharing my posts and it means a million to me. Also I hope that you guys are doing well and please let me know how you’re feeling and what you’re up to – maybe I can put it into a song!

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Instagram: gergomusic
Facebook & Twitter: gergoartist
TikTok: gegjams
YouTube: dgergo93
Spotify: gergo








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