He is an artist that grew up through trials and tribulations in his life and allows his music to express that. We are happy to introduce you to the talented musician from USA – L00ney L00n !

[Blaster] Thank you for your time! What music did you grow up listening to?

L00ney L00n : Indeed no problem thank you having me. I grew listening to everything my mom was heavy with the gospel and my pops was heavy on the ol skoo R&B and Rap. I was listening to jams like “Radio” and “My Rhythm Ain’t Done” by LL Cool J & “Americans Most Wanted” “I Ain’t Mad At You”’ “How Do You Want It” by Tupac and as I got older I ventured off into more southern rap and other artists like NIN, Disturbed, All American Rejects, Systems Of A Down & all types of other stuff.


[Blaster] How did you become involved in music production?

L00ney L00n : My little brother started rapping before me so I gained a love for the mixing and mastering aspect of the music before I fell in love with the writing and creative process of music.


[Blaster] How would you describe your musical style?

L00ney L00n : Honestly I don’t know so I wouldn’t. I just know I never try to box myself in with my music. I keep an open mind about it all.

[Blaster] Who writes your songs?

L00ney L00n : I write my music. I punch in when I use autotune. Only because you can’t write how the autotune will effect your voice.


[Blaster] Is there a hidden meaning in your music?

L00ney L00n : Indeed forsure. All music has a hidden meaning. You just have to be in tune enough to hear it.


[Blaster] Do you collaborate with other musicians? What is that process?

L00ney L00n : Yes. Im apart of group “Front-Line Gz” we are all doing solo work currently but we all still collaborate from time to time. When I collaborate I like to find a vibe. Once it’s found the real work begins.


[Blaster] What skills have you learned that will help you in your music career?

L00ney L00n : I’ve always mixed my own music that’s helped me enough to get this far. I wish I would’ve kept making beats then I wouldn’t have to wait or spend so much money on them.


[Blaster] Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organization?

L00ney L00n : Yes. I have my own label “2Fz Family And Franklinz,LLC” I’m not a member of any music organization other than BMI.

[Blaster] Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

L00ney L00n : Life. But musically any type of Gospel or R&B. But when it comes to Rap I listen to a lot of Nip, Kanye, KRIT, Starlito & Don Trip.


[Blaster] What are the main topics for most of your songs? Do you think topics will change overtime?

L00ney L00n : Being the best version of yourself that’s the only way anyone of us will be able to help one another. I think that’s a topic that hasn’t changed since the beginning of time.


[Blaster] What are you working on right now? Did you release something in the past?

L00ney L00n : I’m currently about to release my Album “Better Vision” Aug 20th, 2022. I plan on shooting plenty visuals for that project and just overall promo. Then Lord willing in the winter I’ll be ready to release my “GOAT Ep” no specific date for that yet I’m currently focused on “Better Vision”


[Blaster] What do you feel is the best song you ever released and why?

L00ney L00n : Honestly all my music is dope check it you be the judge also the best has yet to come.

[Blaster] Who are you inspired by?

L00ney L00n: Life. And Goku!


[Blaster] What would be your dream collaboration, with any musician or producer?

L00ney L00n: My dream collaboration as far as artists would be Bob Marley, Nipsey Hussle, Bryann T, Kanye West, Big KRIT Starlito & Don Trip. I love the producers I’m currently working with but YE & KRIT produce so that’s two birds with one stone right there.


[Blaster] How do you balance your music with other obligations – school, hobby, job?

L00ney L00n: That’s the hardest part maintaining balance. But I don’t worry that cause I know with God all things are possible.


[Blaster] At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?
L00ney L00n: Perseverance and growth.


[Blaster] Would you like to give any message to your fans?

L00ney L00n: Thank you for always listening and sharing the overall support I can’t thank you enough but I’m sure a way will present itself. Stay solid stay blessed and alway continue to move forward positively.


[Blaster] Feel free to share your contact information for possible collaborations with musicians and social networks links, so fans can follow your work and access your music.

L00ney L00n:
Contact me via email: l00neyl00n2fzbooking@gmail.com

And this link will lead you to everything else your looking for: https://linktr.ee/l00neyl00n








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