We are happy to introduce you to a new music energy – BLACKLAVA – Rock imprint and vintage vibes mixed with high passion creates their energetic performance that leave you breathless!

[Blaster] How did the band come together?

Karl: We come from other bands and we already knew each other. I knew Mark because we had played together at a festival and then we became friends and I knew Fra because he played in a cool band and then we also became work colleagues. Diego became a member of Blacklava because he knew the former bass player!
Mark: Karl and i have been friends for a long time and we have always tried to create a band.  before we played hardcore in two bands.  Diego joined on drums through mutual friendships.  first I played the guitar, then I went to the bass.  Francesco joined the solo guitar later but I have always considered him a member of the band.  he has always helped us in live and recording.  I’ve always hoped it would sound fixed with us and now here we are!
Fra: I’m the last one who joined in the band. BlackLava is a project born in 2014 and I engineered almost every song of the band! In 2018 in become the 4th member!


[Blaster] Describe the band or the band’s music in one sentence?

Karl: Genuine Vintage Rock with an Eye to the future (or maybe two).
Diego: A nice Groove. Catchy but powerful. Nice to play!
Fra: Alternative rock with some vintage bluesy influences.


[Blaster] As a band, is there one person who is the leader?

Karl: I usually come up with an idea or main riff. Then in our rehearsal room I make it heard to everyone and then we play on it. After we have gained confidence I throw random words to create a vocal line and if everyone likes the piece then we define the structure.
I have been to various bands and in some of these everything was decided together. For me it is something that does not work! there must be someone more influential. I always try to listen to everyone’s opinions and understand what’s best for the group!
Mark:  There is no real leader in the band.  Karl usually writes the main riff and the vocal melody.  The piece takes shape together in the rehearsal room without impositions.  In my opinion this formula works well.
Diego: The leader is undoubtedly Karlo who composes and writes the pieces. We all participate actively in the project thanks to a strong motivation
Fra: About writing music, Karlo always comes with the main melody and the rhythm or the guitar riff. During the rehearsals we find together all the necessary arrangements, than i take care about the final touches, recordings and mixing stuff.
Every one have their own tasks in the band:
Mark cares about booking, Diego cares about some graphics, Karlo writes songs and cares about socials and take contacts with our new label (Frozen Heart) then I take care about all the tech stuff and help Karlo with socials.
If someone  proposes some ideas, we discuss about it soon as possibile, even if the last word comes from Karlo, whatsapp chats helps a lot for this!!!


[Blaster] Do you collectively have a favorite album?

Mark: I don’t think there is an album that unites everyone.  Each of us has a reference genre with various nuances.  in fact we never go to concerts together!  This summer we are going to listen to the deftones in a festival near home but it will be the first time!
Diego: Generally all rock music really played. It gives us new ideas and excites us.
Fra: Everyone have different musical backgrounds, so i don’t think we got a common favorite album. We like music, we like rock and we love vintage blues influences. Personally one of my favorite album of all time is Permission To Land from The Darkness. I listen to this album since i was a child and it represents the stereotype of my idea of rock guitar sound: warm with high definition


[Blaster] Is there an hidden meaning in your music?

Karl: Nope! Our music is simple! We want our songs to go straight to the listener’s ears. When we register we try not to change anything. for example if I am out of tune then I do it again until it comes right! I don’t like being who I am not just for more pleasure!
Diego: Of course, it is hidden from me too!
Fra: We’d like to inspire everyone and try to bring positive energy to everyone who listen to our music.

[Blaster] For upcoming bands, can you tell us what the secret is of keeping a band together for so long?

Karl:  Being together for a long time is not easy. It’s like having more girlfriends 🙂 It’s a relationship you need to take care of. Over the years we have changed two components and it has not been easy. But we start from the assumption that what moves is having fun together, being together, having fun and obviously making the band improve and move forward. In life there are difficult personal and non-personal moments and sometimes we have to take a step or two back to respect the decisions of others. We are in excellent relationships with the two former members of the band, we are friends and perhaps even if it is always difficult, we always speak with an open heart.
Diego: Don’t think about making money and success…
Fra: Play your instrument with passion and try to understand it more than you can! Keep you guys motivate each other more than you can. Keep dream and try to let it happen.


[Blaster] Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Karl: From TV series, from books, films, other music. All that excites me, all that is art! When I compose music and lyrics I usually have a visual image that helps me!


[Blaster] Any plans on new music? When can we expect a new album or EP?

Karl: We Have Tree more songs to release. One of them is a Remix of Bones from “ As Black As My Heart”!
After that I think we are gonna release an Ep.


[Blaster] Where can people see you perform next? Do you have a 2019 tour scheduled yet?

Karl: We have an acoustic show in Turin at The Ciclofficina Bicierin ( a Bikecafè) and two more electric shows  in Turin, one in March and one in May.


[Blaster] Tell us about your latest song. Was it specifically inspired by anything or anyone? Where was it recorded??

Karl: after “Devil inside me” we released two more songs. Within 5 months we released 3 songs. in September “Devil inside me”, in November “Drunk Like Joe Cocker” and in late January “Woman”!
Devil inside me is in Southern Rock style and the lyric recalls the story of the Devil in a modern key: the one described in Netflix’s Lucifer (without however the love story and the murders). A Devil looking for his dimension who does not understand if he is bad or good or who he must be.
Fra: We were jamming the main riff in rehearsals and the mail slogan was 🎵LillyHallen🎵… but Karlo and I love Netflix so so much specially Lucifer series.


[Blaster] What is one musical goal that you have had for this year?

Karl: Let us know as many people as possible and play abroad again! I don’t like the Italian public! only pop, indie and trap in Italy!
Diego: Play live as much as possible on huge stages!

[Blaster] Can you recall the moment when you thought you could be in this group?

Karl: I was coming out of a very bad time in my life and I needed to do something creative again. I had closed with my old band with I had grown up and moved to another city! but I didn’t feel like starting a serious journey with another band! my girlfriend pushed me to accept the proposal of two of my friends (Mark and Gabriele, The ex bassist). We found each other and started this journey just having fun without expectations! Knowing how it all started, I can only think that the soul of all my group mates are first of all friends!
Diego: The name came out during a vacation in Turkey. Everyone liked it immediately without discussion.


[Blaster] Do you all hang out socially apart from the music?

Karl: we often have dinner together. us, our girlfriends and ex-band members.
We like to be together and before the lives we take the time to be together and eat and drink together. recently, in December, we were all together at the wedding of Mark (the bass player). it’s like an extended family. Whoever joins The Blacklava remains because it is fun to be with us.
Diego: Yes, we spend a lot of time together, also because we are lucky that our girls are friends.


[Blaster] Where do you think you are all happiest- in the studio recording new music, on stage performing or elsewhere?

Diego: I am happy when there are variations and you don’t stay static!
Karl:  I think the same as Diego! I love doing different things! and for those that we produce videos, songs, graphics, in short, everything between us! So it is impossible to get bored.

[Blaster] What do you hope is the message of your music?

Diego: I am happy when there are variations and you don’t stay static!
Karl:  I think the same as Diego! I love doing different things! and for those that we produce videos, songs, graphics, in short, everything between us!


[Blaster] Is there any funny stories that happened to you while traveling together, that you want to share with our readers?

Karl: we were back from a gig in holland and Mark was driving and Diego was close to him.
Me and Zeta (ex guitarist) were sleeping in the back of the van.
we were on the highway and Diego saw a car that was slowing down and screamed carefully! Mark braked sharply and I ran into the front seats! the funny thing is that the car that had slowed down was far away !!
Mark: There are many funny episodes also because we have fun together!  One of the funniest ones, of which we also have the video, happened during the European tour.  At the highway exit in France Diego the drummer tried to make himself understood in French!  it was comical!
Diego:  There are many funny stories: the last one I remember is an evening in Berlin. A friend of ours fell back into the whirlwind of alcohol after he had long detoxified himself. Maybe you wouldn’t say it but it was a lot of fun!


[Blaster] Would you like to give any message to your fans?

Karl: Choose your way, do not be torn down and be yourself because in the end only that matters!
Mark: A message for the fans ?Listen  to good music!  listen not what is fashionable!  As Toby morse from H2O (one of my favourite hc band) “Passion before Fashion”!
And Please listen to new Blacklava’s single on Spotify !
Fra: Guys, the most important thing for a band is to have a chance to share their own music with more people they can. So the most beautiful thing for us is share our music with you and with everyone.


[Blaster] Tell us where fans can follow your work and access your music.

The Blacklava: everywhere 🙂
FB: www.facebook.com/theblacklava/
IG: www.instagram.com/the_blacklava/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1qFRV6ZwFz4vCesFUU6cSk?si=AIC_rQitRuavB2hC6JrZjQ