She is an American Death Metal vocalist, spoken word artist and voice actress. She is currently a member of the ultra-dissonant death metal band, Coma Cluster Void, the brutal slam-metal project, Eyes of Perdition, and a prolific solo artist in the form of the down-tempo electronica project called NATALIA.. We are happy to introduce you to a talented musician – LINDSAY O !

[Blaster] Thank you for your time! What music did you grow up listening to?

LINDSAY O: I grew up listening to a variety of genres – mostly punk and hardcore, before discovering Metal at 13 or 14. I listened to alternative / indie bands around that time as well, but was really inspired by the ethos of early hardcore. 90s Hip Hop also played a role in those days; UK trip hop like Portishead was also just coming into the culture awareness, and I ate it up. Vocally, however, I think hearing Cryptopsy for the first time at 14 set me off on my journey as a vocalist.


[Blaster] How did you become involved in music production?

LINDSAY O: I’ve always wanted to create something completely different and authentic; I admire the outliers in music who create sounds and songs that are uniquely their own. When I started NATALIA, my electronica project, I wanted to create something that was truly standalone and somewhat genre-defying. When it comes to the Metal projects I am involved with (Coma Cluster Void, Eyes of Perdition, Catenation, MOSTRO), I strive to simply be authentic and honest in my performances.


[Blaster] How would you describe your musical style?

LINDSAY O: I would describe NATALIA as a down-tempo, spoken word electronica project – it’s really organic, and I don’t really think about creating “electronic music,” as much as I try to create songs that make you feel something…anything. So, the sounds and beats I create are theatrical and nuanced, as much as they are musical. Coma Cluster Void I would consider to be ultra-dissonant death metal; Eyes of Perdition is just dirty, beat-down hardcore with slam mixed in for good measure. Catenation is Doom-Industrial music – my Catenation band mates, Sylvia and Jeanne, also happen to be the masterminds behind Coma Cluster Void, hence the complexity of the songs.

[Blaster] Who writes your songs?

LINDSAY O: I write everything for NATALIA – music and lyrics; for Eyes of Perdition, I write all of the lyrics and my motley crew of band mates handle the music. I wrote the lyrics for XAHPOC with MOSTRO, as well as for Catenation. Coma Cluster Void is truly the sum of its parts; we each contribute ideas to the lyrical content, but Jeanne generally handles the music and composition.


[Blaster] Is there a hidden meaning in your music?

LINDSAY O: I think there’s always some layers of meaning behind the music – whether intentionally hidden or not. There is some equivocation in NATALIA, specifically, because the lyrics are poems that I’ve put to a beat, essentially. Eyes of Perdition lyrics are very much the same – personal, but more externalized in terms of aggression.  I don’t really try to write about things that I don’t have first-hand experience with, however; everything is very honest in that sense, although the interpretation of the events or experiences I am writing about may not be easily understood off hand.


[Blaster] Do you collaborate with other musicians? What is that process?

LINDSAY O: Yes, my last musical collaboration was with Lucas Wyssbrod of MOSTRO. I was always a fan of his avant-garde metal – super creative and inspiring. I reached out to him to collaborate on XAHPOC, the latest MOSTRO single, and I’m so incredibly happy with how it turned out. It was very organic; I wrote and arranged the lyrics and vocals and recorded at home. The song is so masterfully composed; really impressed by his creativity.


[Blaster] What skills have you learned that will help you in your music career?

LINDSAY O: I think staying grounded helps – I just strive to be myself and to be authentic at every turn. That keeps me sane!

[Blaster] Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organization?

LINDSAY O: I am independent; unsigned to any label currently. Not opposed to the idea, however!


[Blaster] Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

LINDSAY O: I find inspiration in the strange inner-terrain of thought and life experiences. I think there’s so much to reflect on and so many things to process from life that it gives me constant inspiration for lyrics.


[Blaster] What are the main topics for most of your songs? Do you think topics will change overtime?

LINDSAY O: I write mostly about personal experiences or personal perspectives on life events. It’s much easier to flourish in that space than to write about concepts or things I have no direct experience with.


[Blaster] What are you working on right now? Did you release something in the past?

LINDSAY O: I am working on releasing a new song for NATALIA called “See ‘Em Punk.” It’s a pop song of all things! It will be released in February.


[Blaster] What do you feel is the best song you ever released and why?

LINDSAY O: Ha – gosh I don’t know. I am really proud of VANN, the first EP from NATALIA, but I am equally as proud of the Catenation record we released in 2019. It’s so deeply personal and evocative.


[Blaster] Who are you inspired by?

LINDSAY O: I am inspired musically by Crisis, Henry Rollins, Mike Patton, and many, many others. I think in generally, I’m inspired by anyone who is authentic and a bit fringe because I think you have to be brave to buck the norm these days.


[Blaster] What would be your dream collaboration, with any musician or producer?

LINDSAY O: I’d love to collaborate with Mike Patton; he’s a true inspiration and completely untethered in the best sense.


[Blaster] How do you balance your music with other obligations – school, hobby, job?

LINDSAY O: Music is certainly a priority but I look at my day jobs and endeavors as a means to an end, supporting what I love to do in the world.


[Blaster] At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

LINDSAY O: I hope my music inspires people to be themselves – to live authentically and buck whatever imposed system is bringing them down. Life is too short to live under someone else’s expectations of you.  I’ve always believed in the power of authenticity, so I hope that comes across in all that I do.


[Blaster] Would you like to give any message to your fans?

LINDSAY O: Ha, well, thank you for supporting what I do and for your interest! There’s much more on the way!


[Blaster] Feel free to share your contact information for possible collaborations with musicians and social networks links, so fans can follow your work and access your music.

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