He closed 2020 strong with a certified platinum record, starting a new chauffeur company, launching a marketing & booking agency, and purchasing a 4000sf warehouse. We are happy to introduce you to the talented artist and business man – Lucas LB Berry !

[Blaster] Thank you for your time Lucas! For those who don’t know, what is LB Enterprises?

Lucas LB Berry: My business management company that specializes in music, marketing, and management.


[Blaster] What are some of the specific ventures that you’re company is invested in within those 3 categories?

Lucas LB Berry: For music, Shordie Shordie. He’s going to become a superstar, emphasis on super. For marketing, I’ve launched a multi faceted marking agency called Treehouse. Follow us on IG @treehouse. And finally, for management, I am currently launching a full-scale record label.

[Blaster] A record label? How do you plan on accomplish such a goal?

Lucas LB Berry: I recently purchased a warehouse property in the DMV area and we are renovating the 4000 sf into a full-fledged business operation. The space will host 2 full-sized industry recording studios, a video production room, a gamer streaming station, a reception area, podcast mods, offices, and an indoor basketball court. I will utilize this space as a headquarters for really digging in and giving my business the TLC that it needs to explode.


[Blaster] How were you able to become such a full fledged business man / entrepreneur at such a young age?

Lucas LB Berry: Experience & background. Where I come from & what I come from made me a different type of animal. I learned from my multiple environments which ranged from the street corner to the corner office. If I could make it through my past, I can make it through anything. This is why I thrive amongst both executives and hustlers.