Darshae Kiér Causes His Fans to Pause and Reflect With His Track, ‘Trapped.’

With his track, ‘Trapped,’ pop musician Darshae Kiér causes his listeners to pause and reflect. It is part of his 2022 EP ‘Gone.’ It tells the story of a character who is trapped between the reality of knowing that his lust, deviance, and addiction are wrong and the reality of doing nothing about it. While looking at the issue on one side, he tries to locate some light and rationale in it. On the other hand, he finds himself ecstatic, willing to surrender to the thrill of the moment. The singer focuses on how when someone is trapped, he or she cannot get enough of a bad thing; it is also a good thing. Through “Trapped,” Darshae wishes to shed light on the reality that regardless of the situation, the options available to you are never favorable because you convince your mind that both are in your best interests.

Darshae Kiér is a well-known recording artist hailing from Miami who is recognized for his distinctive vocal style. Darshae Kiér Music was created by a community of thousands of individuals who are continually pushing the frontiers of Darshaemania. His music is defined as a unique new-age Pop & R&B vocal style featuring dynamic fluidity. Music is his lifeblood, having been raised in a foster care system where stories shaped his worldview. His only objective behind creating such marvelous music is to inspire listeners to never give up. In the face of recurring loss, he found inspiration in R&B and Pop singers ranging from Boyz II Men to Usher. Darshae Kiér was drawn to artists such as Justin Bieber and Niall Horan, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, and Shawn Mendez and Ed Sheeran since he believes that each performer has a unique vocal style. Apart from his original projects, he is also known for contributing cover music to Post Malone’s “Sunflower.” 

‘Trapped’ is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify. To know more about Darshae Kiér and his upcoming projects, you can visit his Instagram handle.


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