Creation & Background on “Howl At The Moon”

G The Wolf’s debut album “Howl At The Moon” is about a dystopian character who is a conscious observer of modern society. The album consists of eight records with a mix of spoken word and rap over Soul Hip-Hop, Jazz Hip-Hop and Modern Rap instrumentals mainly produced, mixed & mastered by CJG Prod. a Newcastle based producer. The album will released on the 7th of July after a year of writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering Prod.By & G The Wolf are confident that they are have created a body of work that is something different and original from the sample selections, instruments used the songwriting and song structures.s.

Background on a Story from “Howl At The Moon”

Two records of the”Howl At The Moon” album “Equinox Freestyle” and “Too Hot” are linked through a story in the album where the character go’s on a date and begins to observe the date from the outside and watches himself on the date to get a perspective on dating in modern society. The “Too Hot” music video that was shot by “Caviar Studios” will give the listener a visual perspective on the story where as the “Equinox Freestyle” outlines in the lyrics everything the character is observing from the outside including the date.


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