,,Reality Show,, by MOTIHARI BRIGADE

Motihari Brigade’s new official short film explores the struggle to perceive reality amidst the onslaught of corporate-state technological dystopian narrative control.

Motihari Brigade, a trailblazing band, has carved a distinct niche in the world of music with their Rock-N-Roll – a rebellious anthem for free-thinking souls. At the heart of Motihari Brigade’s electrifying and soul-stirring sound lies the remarkable talent of Eric Winston, the band’s frontman and lead guitar player hailing from the U.K. With his mastery of a unique electric vibrato, Eric possesses the rare ability to transport listeners on an exhilarating musical odyssey, urging them to break free from the suffocating chains of a zombie-like dystopia that looms over our consciousness.

In this extraordinary collaboration filmmaker Jovana Tomasevic of MLADE Studio has orchestrated one such unique creation – a cinematic visual story that takes us on a profound journey of self-discovery and liberation, all intertwined with a powerful melody titled “Reality Show”.

At the core of this cinematic masterpiece lies the mysterious hooded figure – a symbol of hope that urges individuals to shatter the technological barriers imposed by an elite few. In an era where technological filters threaten to blind us from perceiving reality, this enigmatic character serves as a beacon of hope, prompting us to open our eyes, embrace truth, and break free from the shackles of a system that seeks to control us.  But what is reality, and where does it reside?



The creative brilliance of the talented cosplayers, Damjan Silbaski and Vida Simic, brought to life the enigmatic costume of the hooded figure, adding a captivating and mysterious presence to the visual storytelling. Alongside them, the accomplished actors, Mladen Milojkovic and Viktorija Arsic, delivered exceptional performances, infusing the characters with depth and emotion, making the narrative all the more compelling. Adding to the mesmerizing spectacle, VFX artist Mladen Tomasevic took charge of the creative visual elements, seamlessly blending animation and real-life footage to craft the illusion of floating televisions controlling people’s actions.


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