Spectra Rock Outfit SAVARRE Offers Their 2022 Track, “Scars.”

Pioneer rock band SAVARRE has released their latest track, “Scars,” which is now available on all major streaming platforms. The band’s unreserved earnestness and brilliant songwriting are on show throughout the song. “Scars” is the sixth single in their discography, released via Isabeau Records. You will surely fall in love with the honest and aspirational lyrics of the song. It elicits an outpouring of unabashed candor and is hard to ignore. Other songs by the band include “Unbeautiful,” a self-aware rock classic, “Art of the Bleed,” a sensual journey guided by a bass-heavy beat, “Blood Under The Bridge,” an unrepentant and gorgeous piece of music, and “Haven,” a raw, emotional rock ballad. Scars’ majestic and mysterious vocal delivery is sure to captivate the attention of both listeners and critics in equal measure.


Shannon Denise Evans, a multi-talented singer-songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist, is the driving force behind the New York-based ensemble, which has a diverse repertoire. She is known for her storytelling abilities. She loves to experiment with new things so as to give depth to her music. She puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does, and her symphonic rock band, SAVARRE, is no different. Shannon serves as the lead vocalist, lyricist, and co-composer for the band, bringing their iconic songs to life with her raw and expressive voice. Her voice is an unstoppable force that is loud, forceful, and expansive. Speaking about her latest single, Shannon Denise Evans said, “For me, the experiences that created my scars made me stronger, smarter, and more resilient. I wear my scars proudly now; they are markers on a path that led me back to myself.”


“Scars” is now available on Spotify as well as all other music streaming services. Visit SAVARRE’s Instagram account to discover more about future initiatives.


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