The power-packed rock duo Tarah Who? are back with their recently launched video of ‘Asian
Blood’, putting some relevant questionable practices under the microscope.

The latest project of the power duo Tarah Who? continues to draw attention for their honest
story-telling vibes. ‘Asian Blood’ is highly influenced by the 1990s underground feminist punk
movement, Riot grrrl. Tarah Carpenter and Jason Orme (Alanis Morissette) have jointly
produced this track. A month ago they released the lyrical video of the song ‘Asian Blood’ and
now they have come out with the official video of the song. This is an animated video that
shows how unjust this industry is as women get rejected because of their aging process. They
have criticized this regressive practice that hasn’t changed in centuries.

The song has an enthralling nostalgia for the 90s Rock genre. The song happened just before
Tarah’s birthday when she came up with the lines ‘Strange feeling that fear of getting old/ It’s
not the wrinkles I’m so scared of/ I’ve been blessed by Asian Blood/ But where is time, going?’.
Tarah Who? is not complete with the drumming skills of Coralie Hervé along with her backing
vocals. 11th April onwards, ‘Asian Blood’ is available worldwide on major music-streaming
platforms including Spotify. Visit Tarah Who?’s website to have a look at their entire musical
offering. They are also available on Instagram and YouTube.



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